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Welcome to IGR - Institut für Glas- und Rohstofftechnologie GmbH

The IGR, Institute for Glass- and Raw Material Technology - Your partner for all issues and questions about glass and raw materials

When you're dealing with glass, glass raw materials and glass analyses or processing glass and glass recycling, you have come to the exaktly right place.

We, the IGR, are a world wide known, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited service provider for glass industry, raw material producers and food industry (regarding for example unknown enclosures in the product) using state-of-the-art analysing technology.

We're providing you an independent expertise for all issues and questions around glass.

In addition, we also deal with areas outside of the glass industry, such as ceramics, fireproof materials, building materials, various other metals, plastics, artificial mineral fibre, asbestos and waste under the WEEE program.

The IGR Team is looking forward to a successful partnership with you.

Sincerely your Dirk Diederich (CEO and founder)

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